Welcome to Nest Egg, the Financial Education Game!

Nest Egg is the world’s most advanced board game style simulation of real-world personal finance!

Thank you for taking the time to find us. Your visit today tells us that you share in our commitment to improving financial literacy in America. Perhaps you are here because you heard glowing reports about Nest Egg on American Public Media’s Marketplace Money Radio, Voice of America Radio or on your local N.P.R. station.

If Nest Egg is new to you, we’d like to take a moment to introduce you to our uniquely creative, innovative, and fun approach to personal financial education.

What makes Nest Egg a wonderful tool for teaching high school students, college students, and adults about money? Ask Confucius:

You hear and you forget.
You see and you remember.
You do and you understand.
– Confucius, 480 BC

These three simple sentences express the exponential difference offered by Nest Egg – you DO.

Nest Egg is the immersive financial literacy game that helps players learn about money simply by playing. With each round, players gain a greater understanding of the ins and outs of managing money. Players learn from mistakes instead of suffering from them. They learn from successes and realize the importance of life’s many personal financial decisions…and all within the safety of a board game!

The result? Players will automatically take what they learn about money while playing Nest Egg and apply it to their real financial future.

Nest Egg is proud of the significant and measurable impact our simulation makes in players’ financial knowledge and behaviors. Will you be the next one to join our list of successful players who have changed the way they think and act with money?

Our mission at NestEgg.Org is to help as many people as possible become, and remain, financially independent.

Players who learn about money from Nest Egg will also master:

  • Setting and accomplishing short term and long term financial goals
  • Living within a budget, and saving money for the future
  • Paying off and avoiding credit card debt
  • Evaluating appropriate life, disability and property insurance coverage
  • Assessing investment risk tolerance
  • Managing a balanced portfolio
  • Investing early in life to maximize long-term profits
  • Preparing financially for unexpected life events

Interested? Then, it’s time to meet Nest Egg:

It looks like a board game.
It plays like a board game.

But, it’s actually a powerful financial literacy education system!

Nest Egg is fun, addictive, and mirrors real world personal financial life thanks to:

  1. Inventive game scenarios that are based upon typical families from U.S. Census data.
  2. Seemingly chance dice rolls equate to historical U.S. market performance averages.
  3. Unexpected life changing events that are based on statistical probabilities in real life.
  4. Piles of money become within reach for the majority of Americans if they improve their financial literacy.
  5. Multi-layered competition against your goals, against other players, or other teams.

Gain 30 years of real-world financial experience every time you play!

How to win Nest Egg

In Nest Egg, you are the financial advisor for a family. Your objective, and the way to win, is to help your clients achieve their financial goals. These long term goals include home ownership, education, travel, and a comfortable retirement. Each game spans 30 years of financial life in just 10 rounds.

How do you win? The strategy for winning is totally up to you. Just like in real life, you have a portfolio of financial tools available – credit cards, mortgages, property insurance, term life insurance, permanent life insurance, disability, stock and bond mutual funds, 401(k) plans, IRAs.

Just like real life, Nest Egg is distinctly unpredictable and dynamic. No two games are ever the same! Families can have children, adopt puppies, splurge for the latest and greatest, suffer injuries or, tragically, even face death. Circumstances change – inflation hits, elections affect taxes, capital markets stagnate and rally. As the family’s financial advisor, you’ll have to make critical decisions for their financial future – should the wife take that new job despite the relocation expenses? Should the husband go back to school in order to land a higher paying job?

You strategize 30 years of financial life for this family in just 10 rounds…and determine their financial future.

Yes! Nest Egg is right for you!

In fact, Nest Egg is for everyone from 10 to 100 years old. You do not need to know anything about finance to play, or to teach, the game. You will learn by playing.

To make getting started simple, every Nest Egg board game includes our exclusive Easy Start CD. This CD audio and graphics program, narrated by a professional educator, automatically takes you step-by-step through your first couple of Nest Egg games. It’s like having one of our experienced “Egg Heads” in the room with you as you learn to play. This program was developed and tested by our staff of financial professionals, in close cooperation with over one hundred students and teachers from the Corpus Christi Independent School District in Texas. So we are confident that it will make playing Nest Egg easier for you as well.


Nest Egg is great for:


Nest Egg empowers educators and administrators:

  1. Fulfill state financial literacy standards in your classroom
  2. Introduce financial literacy concepts in a fun and creative way
  3. NestEgg.Org is proud to accept purchase orders from established institutions
  4. Spice up after school programs
  5. Engage and inspire hard-to-reach students
  6. Generate healthy competition, while building classroom rapport & teamwork
  7. Improve fiscal literacy outside the classroom with extracurricular activities and youth or community groups


Nest Egg offers parents an innovative way to teach your family about money:

  1. Many schools do not yet have financial literacy programs. Nest Egg can help prepare your student for their real financial future
  2. Nest Egg is great for family board game nights, or anytime that you want your kids to “unplug” from digital distractions for a couple of hours
  3. Not an expert on personal finance? All the better, you too will learn about money as you play.
  4. Ensure that your kids value the money that you earn through your hard work, teach them to save money, and to spend money wisely.

Financial Professionals

Nest Egg empowers financial professionals and corporations to:

  1. Break away from traditional seminars and break through the clutter in client acquisition with a dynamic tool that educates clients in a unique and approachable way
  2. Deepen client relationships by better understanding a client’s personal financial goals and latent financial investment perspectives
  3. Transfer skills and knowledge to younger generations by introducing the world of money management to clients’ kids and grandchildren.
  4. Train staff on financial principles in a fun, dynamic way
  5. Evaluate new hires through a non-traditional tool

Customized solutions to fit your needs

Whether financial literacy is your profession, interest, or passion, Nest Egg is available to empower individuals in all settings. We accept purchase orders from established institutions, and offer customized packages for schools and companies that fit your budget and needs. Please contact us for more information about customized roll-outs.

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